Murph's  Stamps
     Are you looking for individual stamps, either singles, plate blocks or sheets, at prices well below retail?
If so browse through the pages on this list. I'm sure you'll find some stamps you can use.
   Want to use older stamps to dress up your mail?  I sell them in lots of any dollar amount starting at $20.
The cost is face plus postage. 
      I can profide you with well mixed lots at face on a regular monthly basis.  Just let me know how much
you use per month, $25, $50, $100, any amount and I will send it around the first of each month 
automatically.  You can pay upon receipt.  I'll try to match any special request for themes or specific
denominations when I can.  Or, if you prefer to leave it up to me, I'll send a good variety.
      If you have any special plate block needs let me know.  Especially if you are a serious plate block
collector looking for all four positions of every plate number for each issue, I can help.  I enjoy trying to fill 
your needs.  If you would like to start this challenging, fun, and rewarding effort, the ultimate of plate block
collecting, let me help you get started.  Ask me how.  I do not charge a search fee like many dealers.
Errol Murphy
1601 S Rainbow Ranch Rd
Wimberley, TX 78676
Please add $2.50 for postage, handling and insurance for all orders under $100.00.  I'll cover these costs
for all orders of $100.00 or more.
Email address: